Why Choose Us

We will accompany you through the whole journey of parenthood

Why Choose Us?

Lotus Surrogacy is a well-known international agency, operating in Ukraine since 2009.

We will accompany you through your entire journey to parenthood, from finding an egg donor (if required), matching with surrogates, caring for your unborn child and surrogate and assisting you through the exit process out of Ukraine. We will make sure all your questions are answered and that you receive reliable information from us and our clinic partners.

Should you have frozen embryos at your home country, Lotus Surrogacy will help you ship them safely to our partner clinic in Ukraine.

Lotus will assist you with:

  1. Finding a surrogate
  2. Finding an egg donor
  3. Organizing the surrogate program in Ukraine
  4. Organization of the birth of your child
  5. Translation of information and documentation to English
  6. Supervision of your surrogate
  7. Legal services
  8. Photographs of donors (IVF clinics will not show you these)
  9. Coordination of logistics with our partner clinic, including appointments for and contact with your surrogate
  10. Assistance with paperwork after birth for the Birth Certificate and exit process
  11. Assistance to find accommodation in Kiev