Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dana Magdassi

Founder, owner & legal advisor

As the founder, owner and legal advisor of Lotus Surrogacy. Dana has vast experience in assisting Intended Parents to create families via international surrogacy.
IVF is a medical procedure and surrogacy is a legal procedure, so it is very important to undergo surrogacy abroad only with legal advisers who know the laws very well

Yannir Goldshmid

International logistic manager

Yannir is the Lotus Surrogacy logistics and finance manager and holds a Masters’ Degree in Economics.
I believe all parents will be parents soon, it is not if, it is when

Oxana Kajmikina

International Program Coordinator

Oxana is the Lotus Surrogacy coordinator takes care of communications and appointments between the clinic/hospital and our surrogates.
seeing childless parents starting our program with a lot of concerns and seeing them months later as parents bring happiness to me and makes me thank god I can help couples become a family.

Shir Rosenberg

Clients Coordinator

Shir has worked with Lotus Surrogacy for many years as the Client Coordinator. Shir has a BA in Psychology and an MBA.
even after working for so many years with Lotus, every time I receive a photo of parents and their babies, I get so excited. I can see the happiness in their faces and it fills me with joy.

Yulia Zhukova

Client Coordinator

Yulia has vast experience in hospital managements and managing different Lotus projects.
A good management is the secret for successful program

Ulyana Zhyliuk

Surrogate Coordinator and Translator

Master of Sciences in Linguistics. Interpreter-translator of the English.
I’ve always wanted to work in the field of medicine as a translator and with Lotus I can help people dreams come true and see how new life is starting.

Natalia Novykova

Surrogate Coordinator

Natalia has an economic education. Natalia came to Lotus to help support our surrogates. She understands that their work is very important, yet difficult, both physically and emotionally. Natalia ensures that surrogates feel supported and protected.
Children are the living flowers of the earth. Let's help them beautify the whole world.

Olena Kholoshchak


Master of Sciences in Linguistics. Interpreter-translator of the English and German languages.
I am proud to be a part of professional team who helps people to attain happiness and turns a dream of parenthood into reality.

Lusia Liudmyla


I have Economical education but love helping others. That's why I joined Lotus. I like to help people and do good deeds.